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Full Version: LDraw.org Main Site is down
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We are currently experiencing problems with user authentication on the LDraw.org site. Functionality of the Parts Tracker that requires you to be logged in (Submission, Review) are not currently available. We hope to resume normal service as soon as possible.

Admin edit:
The entire LDraw.org main site is now down due to software incompatibility issues. We are working to get everything back up and running
Unfortunately we are not making much visible progress with this problem, although we do now understand that the underlying cause was an upgrade to the server software (mySQL and PHP) being incompatible with the ancient (and no longer supported) content management system currently being used for the www.ldraw.org website.

We are working in parallel on a) finding a solution to the incompatibility and b) altering the Parts Tracker to authenicate against this forum's user database. We hope that one of these will allow us to resume service on the Parts Tracker in the near future. However, I will be on vacation until Friday, so no further progress is likely this week.
Hi Chris (or someone else with the power),

Would it be possible to redirect the old website to this post for now?

Do you have access to PhpMyAdmin or similar?
The MySQL upgrade pretty much broke PHP to MySQL connectivity. It has something to do with the MySQL config. Chris is the one with server access to fix things and unfortunately he has vacation this week
I appreciate fixing a failed MySql upgrade will take some effort and can't be done overnight.
In the mean time though it would be nice to have a friendly plain html page explaining the situation when one tries to access ldraw.org. Visitors now get this:
Fatal error: mysql error: [2000: mysqlnd cannot connect to MySQL 4.1+ using the old insecure authentication. Please use an administration tool to reset your password with the command SET PASSWORD = PASSWORD('your_existing_password'). This will store a new, and more secure, hash value in mysql.user. If this user is used in other scripts executed by PHP 5.2 or earlier you might need to remove the old-passwords flag from your my.cnf file] in CONNECT(qs829.pair.com, '****', '****', peeron_postnuke) in /usr/www/users/peeron/ldraw/PostNuke-0.763/html/includes/classes/adodb/adodb-errorhandler.inc.php on line 77
I'm working on it. The new CMS is pretty much ready to go so I think I'm going to redirect traffic to it.
All main traffic should now be redirected to the beta site.
can someone please fix the "get the latest parts update" image there?

it says the latest update is 2011-01, but then leads to a page showing 2012-01
Fixed. And I don' t think we need to use the date on that picture anyway. The latest is the latest.

Any chance we get a working link on the complete library?
The download library is there but not public yet. I'm working on it but it prolly won't go public until this weekend due to the fact that I have an exam tomorrow that I have to study for.
Do you guys know if the old stuff is going to be brought back? The reason I ask is that the password I used on ldraw.org was among those whose SHA-1 hash was leaked from LinkedIn. I changed my forum password, but if the other one is ever going to come back, I'll need to know to change it also.
Thanks, there are priorities in life Wink
Umm. Not sure. Chris is on vacation and he's the one with server access. I can only FTP so I can't fix the compatibility issue. However, eventually everything will use this forum log in as the way to log into LDraw.org stuff. Now that I was forced to bring the beta site live, I don't think we'll be going back to the old CMS so all that stuff will go away.
For sure many pages need an update but I wish we weren't forced to do it this way.

Kidding Philo, right? ROFL

"Go away" as in gone forever? All the articles will no longer be accessible via the main site? And does this mean that the archive of the pre-postnuke site will be gone too?
No. All the old content will be transferred in time (though some of the content will require custom modules). The only things that will be dropped would be stuff like old announcements that are superfluous, outdated/broken downloads, etc... As far the /OLD archive, that will stay. The only thing getting "nuked" would be the postnuke CMS itself and, I might add, good riddance to it.
But that image is for 2011-01.
Chris Dee Wrote:But that image is for 2011-01.

I don't think that anybody cares.
I do.
I can no longer visit the old site (presumably there's an ip address I can use but I don't know it) so can't copy the latest image across. But you should have access on the new site to do so yourself.

Chris Dee Wrote:b) altering the Parts Tracker to authenicate against this forum's user database. We hope that one of these will allow us to resume service on the Parts Tracker in the near future.


would you please confirm that I can access the PT after logging in into the forums? At least I did. If so, please announce this prominently and please update the link at:


"To register as an LDraw user go to the LDraw.org registration area. "

Bye, w.
This is not ready to be announced widely yet, as we are still working on batch loading the user information and Parts Tracker permissions from the old site. When that is complete we will announce it here and on the Parts Tracker home page.

The Phorum authentication is working for you because as an admin, you are a member of the PTSubmit and PTReview groups. This is allowing you to submit to the Parts Tracker, but until we load those permissions for everyone else they are still locked out unless they have a non-expiring PostNuke cookie.
For ldraw.org users who have not yet registered here, we area recreating the IDs and Parts Tracker permissions as new accounts here and we believe we can transfer the hashed passwords.

Since you have already registered here, your old password will not be transferred - all we will do it add the Parts Tracker permissions to your account. It's currently looking unlikely that we will get the old PostNuke website running again, but I do still have server side access to the database, so I'm hopeful that we can retrieve the content.
I've search the whole new CMS, but I didn't found a working "download all unofficial parts" link. Is there any one? Or when will there be a working one on the new site?
It doesn't exist yet. As mentioned above, the new site is quite incomplete. We were forced to go live before we were ready but something is better than an error message.
Here's the link to the unofficial parts archive.
I also do.
Each update had its own, distinctive image.
I remember very well seeing each one,
and I liked the unique appearance.
And we plan to keep doing them. Again, there is a lot of work to do yet and I only went live with the new site out of necessity.
Don't get me wrong. It would be nice to have an actual pic of the updates, but I don't think that should be main priority right now.
I am missing 2 things painfully on the PT:
- the fulltext search in files is not working anymore
- on page http://www.ldraw.org/library/tracker/ , the link "download all unofficial files" does not work anymore

Would it be possible to bring these back even before launching the new ldraw.org site?
Steffen Wrote:- the fulltext search in files is not working anymore
Not sure what you mean. http://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/ptscan.cgi?<text> should not be impacted by the ldraw.org CMS database problems. Please provide an example.

Steffen Wrote:- on page http://www.ldraw.org/library/tracker/ , the link "download all unofficial files" does not work anymore
As posted by Philo, the unofficial download link is still intact and being refreshed. The link on the Parts Tracker home page has been changed to refer directly to that file, rather than to a page on ldraw.org.
I noticed the text search thing also, it only seems to find results using (full) filenames.

Try "animal" in the lookup box, it will find nothing. It even reports "File 'parts/animal.dat' was not found in Unofficial parts library."

Yet the full part list starts with animal items. Even looking for 6029 will find nothing.
The "Lookup" box in the navigation bar of all Parts Tracker pages which runs ptdetail.cgi has never been a "full text search" (e.g. http://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/ptdetail.cgi?s=animal). It only seaches for the specified text as a file in the Unofficial library, but if not found does advise if the file exists in the Official library. This hasn't been changed and doesn't use any of the "broken" PostNuke CMS functionality.

In contrast the "File Scan" link on the Parts Tracker Tools page which runs ptscan.cgi does do a full text search (e.g. http://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/ptscan.cgi?q=animal returns 65 files).
ah ok,

It's a bit user unfriendly though, if I may say so Smile

I often also miss a way to check if a part exists at all (official or unofficial), is this hidden somewhere too ?
I'm pretty sure that the lookup box that appear on top of activity pages previously used ptscan.cgi, not ptdetail.cgi. At least I was able to search all animals by typing "animal" in this box...
Honestly, that really hasn't changed.

However, if there is a concensus that it would be more useful for this to be a "Search" box (rather than a "Lookup (part)" box) it is easier enough to change globally, because the code is in a single included file.
I have used that box in the past to search within all files.
You had to avoid to use a search term which was identical to a dat file name.
In that case, it went directly to that file.
This behaviour somehow has changed now.

I would like to see that box behave as a fulltext search box in all unofficial files on the PT.
The current behaviour of searching for a .dat filename is not really needed,
as I can much more easily directly type that .dat filename into the URL...
Steffen Wrote:This behaviour somehow has changed now.
I confirm!
Many apologies - you were all right.

The ptdetail.cgi script does redirect to ptscan.cgi if the "search text".dat does not exist as a file in the unofficial library. I still don't understand what changed to stop that working, but I have coded the existance test in a different way now, and it is working again.
Thanks, Chris!
Sorry, what are you trying to say?
yeah, good now again, thanks!