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Full Version: Update your profiles at LDraw.org
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in case you've got your profil at LDraw.org:


please update it. If you don't have one but would like to show among the others just drop a line to the webmasters.

Done: http://www.ldraw.org/Article469.html
If a native English speaker can have a look and correct my poor syntax...
Hi Willy et al,

I would like to update my profile (I notice I am still listed as a member of the Standards Committee) but I am not sure how. I don't think my LDraw.org account has the appropriate permissions. Could someone either enable page editing for my account or at least remove the line about LSC membership? Thanks.

Incidentally I am very pleased to see these dedicated new forums for LDraw.

You should do but you may not... if you give me a revised profile promptly I can get it up there but I'll be away from Wednesday-next Wednesday so it'll have to be quick.

Thanks, Tim. Most of the profile is fine as-is. It'd be great if you could just delete the first line - "Jim is currently a member of the LDraw Standards Committee (LSC)."
Fixed (just two weeks too late!)