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Full Version: Problem with part 3626bpb5.dat (Minifig Head with Green Lips and Red Eyebrows Pattern)
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Hi everyone

I'm was trying to do an export from LDR to DXF on a model of Poison Ivy, but Rolf Redford's LdrDat2DXF program kept coming up with an error processing when processing the files.

I found the problem was in the part file 3626bpb5.dat (this file came with the "Official Update 2012-01"). There are various lines in this file with the text "0x2BEBE64". Once I'd removed all the lines containing "0x2BEBE64" the conversion process then worked.

Any idea why these errors are in the file?

Can someone correct this file to be included in the next parts update.


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That's not an error, it's a custom color. If you mark the lines in LDDP and click another color it should be replaced and the conversion should work fine.
0x2BEBE64 is an RGB color. Most likely, LdrDat2DXF doesn't support RGB colors, as they were added to the official LDraw spec relatively recently. Instead of deleting those lines, change the 0x2BEBE64 to 14 (the color code for yellow, which is probably as close as you can get), and it will use yellow for those parts of the file.
OK - thanks for explaining.

I'll see if I can contact Rolf about amending the LdrDat2DXF program.