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Full Version: Fonts in LPub not displayed as expected
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Hello all,

I am using LPub on Mac OS X 10.7.4. I have found that certain fonts do not appear as expected. Here is an example to illustrate.

Here are the digits 1, 2, and 3 of the font Marker Felt (included with Mac OS X, I believe) as displayed in a page layout app:

[Image: markerfelt-thin-48.png]

Here is a screenshot of LPub with the step group step number font set to the same font, Marker Felt:

[Image: lpub-supposedly-markerfelt-thin-48.png]

"Marker Felt" as displayed in LPub is not really Marker Felt; I'm not sure what it is. (Here is the default step group step number font.)

Can anyone confirm if they see the same discrepancy on Mac OS X? I have not tested many other fonts - does it happen with any others?

Any help appreciated. Thanks,
In my OS X font chooser (in Snow Leopard), there is no default ("Regular") typeface for "Marker Felt", only "Marker Felt Thin" and "Marker Felt Wide". If you compare with Helvetica, the default typeface there is "Regular", and the font name when "Regular" is selected as the typeface for Helvetica is simply "Helvetica". But for Marker Felt, there is always a typeface listed as part of the font name, no matter whether thin or wide is selected as the typeface. I suspect that is the source of the problem.
You might try "Comic Sans MS", since it does have a "Regular" typeface. If that works, you can then work on getting Marker Felt to work. And, while "Comic Sans MS" doesn't look at all like Marker Felt, it has a somewhat similar character.
although it does not really apply here since we're doing all childish stuff here in some way :-),
I'd like to anyway post this... http://www.comicsanscriminal.com
Besides bashing Comic Sans lovers, that link has some nice links to alternative comic-ish fonts
you might like (top right corner).
Followup - yep, the problem only occurs with fonts that don't offer a "Regular" face. I've found another suitable font (not Comic Sans ;-) that works fine with LPub. Thanks.