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Full Version: parts.lst: what currently maintained programs use it?
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If you goning to introduce a new file, you might want to take some time considering it's format. Cause it gives room for all kinds of things (like: section descriptions, mascots, etc) if you don't need to take legacy software in account.
That's exactly what I want to do but just like the !COLOUR statements until/unless MLCad supports it then we're only talking to ourselves.
I was wondering where that little gem disappeared. I would really like to see a Library Manager.

Is it possible to make a program that not only makes lists of parts, but also manage the files?
I like to keep official and unofficial parts apart, so I have them in different folders, but I don't want to have both files i my folders, when scanning for new parts.
If I download a file that's been redesigned and published on the Part Tracker, today I have to manually move away the old file, to a third folder with "old files".

How does these programs handle duplicate files, with sometimes identical names? One in "Parts" and one in "Unofficial/Parts" folders.
I would have cared if I'd seen it. But I'd guess it came in the middle of my huge work programming spell when the rest of the universe vanishes from my eyes.

MLCAD (and some other programs) use a scan order and take the first file that matches the part name. MLCAD's scan order is at the bottom of the MLCAD.ini file. Other programs (like LDView) are adopting an LDraw.ini file: http://news.lugnet.com/announce/?n=3854

I'd like more programs (including MLCAD) to adopt the LDraw.ini file for scanning for parts and primitives in order. I'll bring this up in the Steer Co.

My Library_Manager has the ability to download both official and unofficial part files. Currently it dumps them all in LDraw/Parts, and not any custom / unofficial directory, but maybe you can modify it to do so. I've been busy, but should be able to post the source code to it and the beginning of my parts editor program tonight.

If anyone wants to continue working on a Library_Manager, please post your intention here, so that myself and others may help.

Here is the source code to Library_Manager:


And here are some screen shots:
[Image: 6552228707_ab3115ebc1_m.jpg]
[Image: 6552228747_c854e1515b_m.jpg]

I wish that I had the time to work on it more, but definitely not going to happen.

If anyone can use the source code, please let me know.

Scott W.
Given the tardiness of this reply, I have to admit my claim to "currently maintained" status is somewhat shaky. However, for what it's worth, as seen in these pictures ldglite does still make use of the parts.lst file, and I think ldlist may also use it. Now if you'd asked about "actively used" programs I'd be on even shakier ground. Smile
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