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Hand up.

A good thing of Datheader is that it can create automatic backup!
That is hopefully not the only benefit Smile
Oh no !!! I meant that the automatic backup could recover from possible agressive optimisation.
Quote:I would very much appreciate if all user of DATHeader would just leave a short note here for motivation Smile
For an absent minded guy like me, Datheader is God sent Wink
- Sorry for your modesty, Mike Big Grin
I think it is crazy not to use Datheader. So hand up here too.
Hey Michael,

Almost every part that I've drawn, has been touched by your tool. And I plan to continue using it in the future! Great program!

Thanks Rolf
Hand up here too.
It's the best way to check your file before an upload.
I have to raise my hand too. Nearly every part, which is longer than 10 lines of code runs through DATHeader, when I check parts.
I also use it
Thanks to all guys that rises the hands here.

So let's go and improve DATHeader for better experience Wink
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