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Full Version: Links and how they appear in the forum
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Could we get how links appear fixed?..

For example, in this post


all the links appear as [www.peeron.com] rather than showing the real destination. That might be a feature but I think it's more of an annoyance.... either show the entire link or let me put words in that are clickable but arbitrary.

some description

Hmm... maybe it's just how the post authors chose to do it?. No, I see.. .if I paste in a bare link it gets displayed as just the base part of the link

that is, http : // forums.ldraw.org /showthread.php?tid=305&pid=305#pid305 (without the spaces) displays as

That seems off to me. But maybe it's me.
I think it's a beautification feature, to trim those awful gigantic urls some site seem to like Smile
Most browsers show the complete 'real' target in the statusbar though. Other wise you could get what you want by using the [ url ] tags correctly or the 'insert url' button in the post form.
I would also prefer to see the whole link in clear text.
Well that's just not possible without turning off BBCode completely. I think the usefulness of BBCode outweighs this one request. Anyone disagree?
I don't think this one feature outweighs all of BBCode. But are you sure about that? I have seen other boards using phpbb that don't work this way. Maybe there's some code out there? Not a biggie though.
OK, I lied. I did a little digging and turned off the option. The truncation was added for exactly the reason stated by Roland, to keep very long URLs fro cluttering up the message area.