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Full Version: TK-949's Star Wars Models
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I'm trying to recreate all Star Wars Models (except the ugly Technic and Mindstorms stuff) from 1999 till today. All models should be OMR compliant, some, like the Snowspeeder, need work since they require functions I haven't learned yet, like repositioning a part from one step to another, for example. If there are any errors, please tell me, so I can correct them.

Each Model will be posted in a separate posting inside this topic. The pictures shown may contain parts that differ from what you'll see, when you open the model. These are officially available parts which I rewrote and which are still, or soon will be, on the PT. So there's no need to add these to the model itself.

Due to a bug, the files are not working in LPub. In order to make them work you need to open them in a texteditor and search/replace

0 !LDRAW_ORG Unofficial_Model


0 whatever

if you want to replace it again when you're through with LPub, if not, just delete these lines.

Daniel Görner Wrote:like repositioning a part from one step to another, for example.

Check out the instructions for the "916 - Atmosphere Cruiser" at:


and study how I used the Buffer Exchange feature in MLCad. On the other side it is not necessary to mimicry a real BI. Most sets I included in the AIOI just uses simple steps.

7101 - Lightsaber Duel


50 Pieces

2 Minifigs

Contains 1 unofficial part

[Image: 6983336270_797465d272_b.jpg]
OMR compliances looks fine - though I just had a very short glance at the file. However the spec for unofficial files has changed. please read:


7110 - Landspeeder


47 Pieces

2 Minifigs

[Image: 6984668382_bc344947d2_b.jpg]
7111 - Droid Fighter


62 Pieces

Contains 1 unofficial part (including 1 unofficial subpart)

[Image: 6984859884_697eaffa48_b.jpg]
7121 - Naboo Swamp


81 Pieces

4 Minifigs

Contains 2 unofficial parts

Missing x116 Jar Jar's Head, replaced it with equally annoying Dobby.

[Image: 7131413487_c981cab3fc_b.jpg]
Copied to AIOI. Thanks for sharing!

7128 - Speeder Bikes


90 Pieces

3 Minifigs

Contains 1 unofficial part

[Image: 7232308330_cb6779290d_b.jpg]
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