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Full Version: Adding Custom Sizes To Lsynth Parts In Lpub
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Hello all i have made some files that contain custom Lsynth parts, and woundered if there is any way of adding a measurement/size of part to the instruction step of that part and also to the parts list?

Can someone also tell me if the new Ldraw installer has the new small turntable and the technic mini linear actuator part's in it?

I have attached a quick Lsynth file above.
You can use txt2dat to convert arbitrary text to a *.dat file:
This can be then used like a normal part.

Maybe also checkout
which I liked a lot.
Many thanks for your repliy,would you mind making a quick file for me to look at ether a/b?
am i right in thinking that using (A) whould be just importing the file with txt2dat and then just enter the sizes?