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Full Version: 3960pb24.DAT - Dish 4 x 4 Inverted (Radar) with Town Hall Clock Face Pattern
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When I made 10224 Town Hall, I found this part was missing yet.

Do something for this part, please.

Thanks for reading.

No offense, but the set is out, what, six weeks? At the moment I'm working on parts missing for 13 years.
But I have the set (or better, my girlfriend has the set) and I'll look into it. But it can last a few days.
Thanks alot !!!!! Smile

Since you seem to be requesting numerous parts, it would be preferable if you would just create a single post (or better yet, modify a previous post) where you keep a single list of wanted part which you can update with new parts (and remove parts that have been made). This would help keep the thread size down, as it's already starting to get pretty unruly in size.
Thanks for comment.

I also felt uncomfortable for the size of this thread being so long.

Do you think that it would be good that all done previous post should be deleted?

I don't care and it don't matter to me because I already got what I want.

I just want to know the best way and I don't want to oppose you.

I thought that we need a universal rule to manage this thread in reasonable size but it didn't be pronounced yet officially.

Any Idea and Any decision is OK to me.
we definetely need a parts wishlist feature,
where users can vote how much they have desire for a certain part.

my suggestion is that each user only has a limited number of votes, say, 10,
and that he can spread them over the desire list as he likes.
For example, he could put all 10 votes onto one very urgently desired part,
or spread them over 10 parts, 1 vote for each.

to say it frankly: having multiple users posting multiple favor lists here
starts to get annoying to me.

another idea just comes to my mind while writing this:
we could setup that system so that part authors can gain the number of votes
as "score" when they create such a part.
this can create a "highscore" list for us, so we're motivated to create the urgent parts first :-)
participation in that system of course should be optional.
A web-based Parts Requestor system is in development, but when I asked for requirements here I didn't get much response.
that's no wonder:

> Sorry, you do not have permission to read this forum.
> The official discussion forum for the LDraw.org Steering Committee.
> Access is restricted to current committee members.
> The 2012/2013 SteerCo are Chris Dee, Tim Gould, Orion Pobursky, Willy Tschager and Scott Wardlaw.

A typical case of community lockout, but hopefully not intentionally.
It's the private SteerCo forum, but probably not intentionally posted there to lockout the rest of the community. I can move that topic to the public forums if Chris agrees.
Yes, please do. It wasn't intended to be a secret.