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Full Version: Please help: I'm new to this and can't find the parts...
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I just downloaded LDRAW and MLCAD today to try it out.

A couple of questions:

I can't find this part when using MLCAD;
Slope, Curved 2 x 4 x 2/3 No Studs with Bottom Tubes

I'm not sure if I have the latest and full parts available...
Here is what I think I did:
The first parts list I downloaded "complete.exe" was approx 5mb (I think) and it seemed really basic.
i followed the instructions and used the command prompt etc.

then I downloaded another one, "complete.zip" and it was 17.1 mb approx... I think I installed it, i extracted it into the ldraw folder... it asked if I wanted to replace some files... i said yes.
But the parts seem the same on MLCAD... is there another step i've missed?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I don't know which version you downloaded today.
But, generally speaking,

1. You can find the file at: http://www.peeron.com/inv/parts/88930
- Click on '[DAT]' then you can download the file.
- Put it on LDraw/parts/ folder and run mklist.exe in MLCAD or Rebuild part list in SR3D.

2. I recommend you to :
- uninstall everything you have on your computer.
- download and install newest all-in-one package. (find it at : http://www.ldraw.org/Article611.html )

In my opinion, if you did number 2, then everything would be OK.

Good Luck Smile

Hi, thanks, I will try it

There is a step you missed and you shouldn't need to reinstall anything.

Go into your ldraw folder using the command prompt, and run "mklist -d". That will rebuild your "parts.lst" and MLCAD will then know the new parts are there.

Thanks to both of you, much appreciated. Got it all sorted and working now.