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Full Version: Convertng Ldraw files into Solidworks or Famos or Step format
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Hi guys,

Is it possible to convert the Ldraw data into step format t be opened with Solidworks or eventually in Famos (robotics software, supports *.prt,*.asm,*.neu,*.des,*.g,*.igs, *.iges,*.catia-iges,*.sat,*.stp,*.step,*.x_t,*.vda,*.igp,*.stl).

I've tried converting the Ldraw to .dxf with the ldr. to dxf converter, to open it in Solidworks, but that didn't work.

I wouldappreciate any suggestions.

Thaks a lot

I think the best choice is LDview, it can export to .stl
thats a good news, thank you so much
p.s. i could convert file for rendering software