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Full Version: Tab order in the 'Start a new Topic' page...
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Some people are actually using their keyboard, and don't want to lift their hands to the mouse more than necessary. As the tab order is now in the 'Start a New Topic', one has to TAB 24 times to get from the Subject to the Message. The expected tab order (at least for me) is Subject, Message, Options, Speed buttons in the edit window.

Edit 1: When later pressing 'Edit' on a post the cursor is placed at the end of the message, as expected.

Edit 2: When pressing 'Reply' the cursor is placed in some indefinite place, and it needs 25 tabs to get to the Message box.

Edit 3: The same when pressing 'Quote'.
Oh man I hate that! I've given up using keyboard only in most forum software because it is so bad. It's one of my major gripes about web design.

Sadly I suspect that changeing it will be hideously hard as these issues are often hardcoded into the Phorum software. But perhaps Orion will have some luck in finding it.

I'll see if this is a template issue or a software issue. If I can fix the template, I will. This may be a bit though since I have other template issues to deal with as well.
If you're really lucky the forms will be easily edited and you can simply add a tabindex tag (see here). If they're ad hoc generated it is probably hideous.

Hmm. Well investigated this a bit. It seems that behavior is browser inconsistent. In Firefox: 3 Tabs, in Safari: 1 Tab, in Google Chrome: 25 Tabs. It seems that the first 2 only tab through the <input> elements (and Safari only <input> elements with text capabilities) while Chrome tabs through everything that is a link or an input. Hopefully this will be fixed by the template edit I'm going to push out later today, we'll see.
Ok, updates pushed. Tested on the Mac versions of Firefox 5, Safari, and Google Chrome 13. Seems to work, let me know.
Well, it was 25 tabs in my FireFox 5, but now it's only 3. Good work!