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Full Version: Color questions (was: 3816ps5 Minifig Leg Right with SW Gunbelt Pattern)
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Nils Schmidt Wrote:MLCad and LeoCAD do not parse LDConfig.ldr as far as I know.
MLCad does since version 3.3 (http://news.lugnet.com/cad/mlcad/?n=2297)
As far as I know, the parts tracker does use LDConfig.ldr for its renderings, but it may not use an up-to-date copy of the file.
The Parts Tracker does use LDConfig.ldr, and should be using the current version. If you have contrary evidence I'll check into it.
I just realized that the image you posted of 973pb0 isn't from the parts tracker. I'm not sure where the official library images come from these days.
Any progress in finding a solution?
Unless there is an official policy change stating that custom colors should be defined inside patterned parts, I'm not even going to look at it in LDView. I know that fixing this problem is a big undertaking, which is why I haven't fixed it before now, even though I've known about the problem for a long time. I'm not going to devote the time necessary for a fix unless it is clearly needed.

Note: I don't have a problem in principal with Scott's suggestion of putting the color definitions inside the pattern sub-parts, so if other people agree with him that this is the proper thing to do, and the LSC agrees, I'll go along with the decision, and then endeavor to update LDView. However, since three different software authors (including myself) have already piped in to say that they don't support proper scoping of colors, and I don't think anyone has tested MLCad's behavior, it could well be that it's not the right thing to do solely because the tools just don't support it.

My preference would be to allow pattern-specific colors to be placed in LDConfig.ldr when those colors have a special finish, and only when they have a special finish.
Easy way out it is then.

I still have not seen sufficient evidence that one of the existing colors in LDconfig isn't good enough for this. I'll accept renders of the part with the closest matching colors in LDconfig for evidence (for or against adding a new color to LDconfig). Based on those renders, we can either add a new color, or slightly tweak the existing color(s) to better meet your needs, but still represent the associated color(s).

Scott W.
Original part, Metallic Copper, Metallic Gold (which you suggested as alternative, but looks totally wrong)

[Image: 2431px2.jpg][Image: 7119595665_654e126cea_m.jpg][Image: 7119595553_e0eb9b0fb5_m.jpg]
[Image: 553pb01.jpg][Image: 7119595433_8915445d62_m.jpg][Image: 7119595307_8cdc09d80b_m.jpg]
From these renders, it looks like the background colors (the Dark_Gray plastic and the Copper plastic) also don't match exactly. I have spent a great deal of time matching Dark_Gray as close as possible to the the real color, so I suspect that either the picture does not have a good white balance set, the part is using Dark_Bluish_Gray, or the render does not have good light settings. Any one of these can effect the patterned colors in question.

I can't say that I've spent much time matching Copper exactly, so I can't speak to why the render isn't matching. However, I have attached some screen shots from MLCad, LDView, and POV-Ray of part 553ps2, and they all have a better matching Copper. I've also attached the latest LDConfig that I am using for these renders.

I could not find the 553pb01 part, so I could not experiment with the existing colors. If you send me your part file, I will do that and see if we can find something that works.

Sorry this is such a PITA, but hopefully, we can get solution soon.

Scott W.
I don't feel this being a PITA at all. It's the opposite: the careful color adjusting and all the tedious work
that everybody here puts into this is greatly, greatly appreciated. The topic is difficult, and it takes
a caring mind to tackle it. Thank you!
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