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Full Version: Color questions (was: 3816ps5 Minifig Leg Right with SW Gunbelt Pattern)
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Travis Cobbs Wrote:If you feel that a new custom color definition is needed in order to model an official part, you can request that it be added to LDConfig.ldr.

How, and to whom? Because I actually have such a request:

0 !COLOUR Metallic_Copper CODE 88 VALUE #E8905F EDGE #333333 METAL

As used in:

I's a lot brighter than the pearly Copper and also has a metallic finish.
Daniel, I am the administrator for the LDConfig files. Philo alerted me to your post. I try to keep up with posts that have concerns over colors, but don't always see everyone. In the future, please feel free to email me directly, or be sure to include the word LDConfig or color in the title of the post (which you did). My email is LEG0#SC0TTWARDLAW*C0M (you will need to retype - not copy and paste).

Please collect your facts, and present your case for adding a new color and post them here. Currently, I do not see a strong enough case to add a new color.

Scott W.
OK, I've had some email traffic with Daniel on this. Here is a summary and proposal for a better solution:

LDConfig is meant to primarily be a shortcut for colors that exist in real LEGO plastic. It was extended to include colors that exist for purchase on Bricklink, but may not be plastic (such as this piece: http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?P=70496). It also contains some other physical (not a sticker / pattern) colors for completeness. It currently does not contain any colors for the sole purpose of making a sticker / pattern look more realistic. If we started down that path, LDConfig would grow to an unmanageable size and no longer be end-user friendly for choosing colors in MLCAD, Bricksmith, etc.

Therefore, I would like to propose (both as a SteerCo Member and ColorMaster) that a new standard be created to allow Patterned Parts to have custom colors inside the part file:

0 !COLOUR Metallic_Copper CODE 512 VALUE #E8905F EDGE #333333 METAL

The custom color would be required to use a color code in a new range block (say 512 to 1024). A color code in this range would not override any existing color codes. Software Tools would not be required to implement changes, but the standard would suggest that the custom color code would only have scope in the patterned part file.

I have tested this with LDView, which works and displays correctly. I also tested with MLCAD, which displays the part, but complains about it.


Scott W.
Just for the record, those scoping rules for !COLOUR are quite complicated implement. I took a stab at it and either gave up on local colors or implemented colors that never go out of scope in the model. I can't remember which.

It's also not possible to encode shininess into textures directly, so introducing new !COLOURs specifically for pattern shine is not necessarily future-proof.

I pretty much did the same in LDCad Smile Although the issue is on my 'to improve' list.
Since stickers and patterns are allowed to use RGB colors, it seems to me that only the special colors (like this metalic one) would need LDConfig.ldr treatment, and I wouldn't expect there to be all that many special ones.

One known bug in LDView is that all !COLOUR commands are global to the entire model. (I believe that the last one loaded "wins".) This obviously shouldn't be a reason to avoid using !COLOUR in sub-files, but it is something to be aware of, since the potential for conflicts goes way up. However, if we decide to go this route, I'd want to know about it before releasing LDView 4.2, since it's definitely something I'd have to then fix. I haven't fixed it before now due to the fact that nobody has ever noticed that it's broken in the first place, so it just didn't get high enough on my priority list. (The fix isn't exactly trivial, since I have to add fully scoped color tracking, where now I have a single global color palette.)
I got side-tracked on something else while composing my reply below, so didn't see these other replies before posting my own. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who chose to punt on this issue.
Travis Cobbs Wrote:Since stickers and patterns are allowed to use RGB colors, it seems to me that only the special colors (like this metalic one) would need LDConfig.ldr treatment, and I wouldn't expect there to be all that many special ones.

That was exactly my point when I asked to add this color to LDConfig in the first place. It's all about the metallic finish. All other colors are easily done with RGB Codes.

The code need to be corrected. With the Help of Rolf I now got the LDD Patterns and now I have the RGB-Code for the metallic-copper from LDD:

0 !COLOUR Metallic_Copper CODE 512 VALUE #EB8845 EDGE #333333 METAL

So this would be the correct VALUE to use.

But no matter what solution you choose, thanks for caring.
Why is it that some parts like 3626bp7a say "Brown Hair" but when I use the the part in MLCad the hair is color 16? Same with 3039ps1 where parts of the pattern should be metallic gold...
MLCad and LeoCAD do not parse LDConfig.ldr as far as I know.
As a result, a few patterns look very different in these programs.
Even the parts tracker do not use the defined colours in some renderings (e.g. http://www.ldraw.org/library/official/im...973pb0.png).
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