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Full Version: List of applications should be expanded
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I feel the list of applications should be expanded. I would like to see:

If we have there a list of -all- applications that would be great. So if someone has a question for that application we have a place to talk about.
Also a very short description should be added like viewer, editor, author-tool, model-tool or something like that should be added, so the user knows whats about.
This way the list gets endless. We should have a clear idea about the target of this new forum. It clearly aims to improve internal communication but first of all IMHO should it lower the entrance bar - in prospect of registration/authentication - to get some fresh SPAM CONTENT in. Those people look for the main progs in the first place and shouldn't be overwhelmed.

I therefore advocate for a section say "Author-tools" where we post everything about LDDP, DATHeader, LETGUI, Edger2, PrimGen, PrimGen2, etc., but not a section for every single prog.

I like your idea with Author-Tools and also agree with your fear of loosing overview.
But I like the idea to have tool discusstion right here as before on LUGNET.
There is one major editor that's still missing, LeoCAD! (and yes, it's still alive !)
I feel an own category missing for ldglite. I would not expect it under "others"
I think we should reduce the categories.

Part author tools

And people can highlight what code they mean in the title.

What do you think?

I could swear I replied to this thread already, but apparently I filed it in the wrong category.
> I think we should reduce the categories.


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