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Full Version: Round primitives with x/48 fractions - using 16 segs
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Hello people/LSC

Since it is perfectly possible to make the x/48 (eg. 7/24, 1/6 etc.) primitives on a 16-sided polygon (using eg. my little perl script) provided care is taken (another approach would be to make 1/48 and 2/48 wedge parts that fill in the gap) I was thinking it might be nice to cut the restriction to using 48 sides for such fractions.

In particular parts like 30632 would not need such a huge number of faces.

What do you think?

I don't think it would work well, because when you try to rotate such primitives by 7.5 degrees (1/48 turn) they would not match properly other normal resolution primitives (or you would need to have three times the number of primitives, rotated by 0, 7.
5 and 15 degrees). The wedge 1-48/1/24 approach may be more workable.
For the 30362 part (and a lot of similar parts), what I'd like to see is "mixed mode" tori primitives: they would be hires (48 segments) on major radius, 16 segments on minor radius.
Hi Philo,

Yes I agree about the rotation, but making just a 1-48 and 1-24 would cover all cases with the existing primitives. Also agree about the torii.

Not that it matters a huge deal, but it could be nice.