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Full Version: 2347 Vehicle, Digger Bucket 7 Teeth 3 x 6
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Just was assembling the '86 bulldozer and then recognized that this bucket is missing:


Hope somebody can do it in the next time.....

And it really nice too see how many parts get soon official...
I can find this part in the toolbox of SR3D Builder latest version.

SR3D Builder and LDraw share the parts and this part might be unofficial part.

Check it, please.
That looks like official part 30394.dat to me.
that isn't part 30394.dat, since 30394 use the new hinge mechanism. But 2347 has the old one. Maybe 30394 is the new version of this part.....

The counter part is 3314.Dat- so it has to match this one...

For example see set 6658 Bulldozer:

I'd like build the missing part.

However, I need a picture of where the hinge is attached to the excavator.

All images I could find only show it from front, not showing where exactly the hinge sits.

Cannot start work yet here.

There is a pic which shows the back a littlebit better...

Maybe this helps, maybe not....
yay, exactly what I needed, thanks
This is the file that I found in SR3D Builder.

I hope this part would be helpful to complete your work.
Ah - I don't know how this part appeared in your library, but I found the source: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=96698
This part is still not in the library- whether offical nor unoffical. Can this part from brickshelf be introduced to the PT? It looks pretty good...., at least the shape- if the file is ok I don't know...
Big thanks to Magnus Forsberg for creating this part!


Nice to see it now on the PT.
Sorry 'bout that, Steffen. Didn't know of, or had forgotten, this request.
I was wondering why Philo had such good pictures on his Brickshelf page....