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Full Version: Help with Lego Digital Designer exporting .ldr files, please!
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Hi, first of all, I have to say that I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask this, but it's the best I've found, so tell me if you think of a better place, please!

I'm trying to make a simulator for the NXT Mindstorms and I'm using the .lxf and .ldr files generated by Lego Digital Designer... but when I use "RIM WIDE W/CROSS 30x20" and export to the .ldr file format it's not present! In fact, if I make a model with only one rim I get this when I export the .ldr file:

test.ldr Wrote:0 test
0 Author: LEGO Digital Designer 4.2

Anyway the .lxf file do have the rim, because if I open it, it's not empty... :-\

Do any of you know why this is happening and/or how do I solve the problem?

Here's the robot.lxf file of my robot if you'd like to test it yourselves Smile

Thank you very much!
Hello Miguel,

A file, "ldraw.xml", defines matching parts between LDraw and LDD worlds. Unfortunately the one provided with LDD is soon outdated. An updated file is available ldraw.xml here. This file is to be placed in LDD program folder. The good news is that your exported robot is complete when exported with the updated file! (LDR attached)

Otherwise, I think you'll find more LDD experts in this Eurobricks forum.

Good luck with your simulator Wink
Wow, that was fast! Thank you very much, Philippe Big Grin

I'll try it asap Smile

Thanks again,