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Full Version: "Attach a file..." link missing
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Can some site admin please check if the user rights configuration of the forums is o.k.?:
I just noticed that the "Attach a file..." link only seems to be shown
in public forums, but not when you're replying in a closed forum,
I think that's an error.
For example, when I wrote this post:
I noticed that the link wasn't there.
It also isn't shown when I hit "edit" to edit that post.
It is forbidden in Announcements but allowed everywhere else. Guess it could be turned on again.

Yeah, can we please have that? I see no reason why only posts _without_ attachments should be allowed there.
It should already be on. I couldn't see any other forum with the problem so I assume it was just an accident thanks to the custom settings for Announcements.
nope, tried it. no "Attach a file..." link. Neither when replying nor when editing a post.
Weird. Because according to the settings it should work... Any ideas Orion?

I'm looking into it. Hopefully will have an answer tomorrow.
This is now fixed
Out of interest, where was it hidden?
If you go to the forum in question, under the Moderation/Permission, there is a series of checkboxes for Registered Users. The Attach Files one was unchecked so I fixed that.
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