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Full Version: My most wanted Star Wars Parts
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Here is a list of parts I want the most, at the moment:

The Scout Trooper Helmet, the Kaadu and the old Gungan Head
Hey Daniel,

the Scout Trooper Helmet is available in the LDD (30369). I attached a first draft.

Any progress yet?
I looked up LDD for Star Wars parts, not available in LDraw. This is what I found. My most wanted stand separated (Scout Helmet and Ewok Head).
Rename to .lxf
Too bad, I thought the Ewok head was the old one, but it's the new. Although it would be nice if someone made it, the Scout Helmet is more urgent.

And the old Gungan Head (x116) would be really nice. I'm trying to make the Star Wars Sets from 1999 and it's needed in 3 Sets here.
I've just seen, that the Gungan Head remained the same in last year's sets, it was just patterned. If someone makes the head, I'll make the patterns.
Working on Ewok...
Just curious: The old or the new one?
The one in LDD - 64805
Oh, okay. If you wnat, I could make the patterns when you're done...
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