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Full Version: Insurmountable error popping up in LPub
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Hello all:

When using LPub for a model composed of unofficial elements, I keep getting the following error:

Runtime Error!

Program: C:\Program Files\LDView\LDView.exe

-pure virtual function call

I have no idea what this means nor any idea of how to compensate for it, but I'll add the following:

The model renders just fine through an earlier version of LPub.
When I pare the model down to a single part and the part down to a single BOX.DAT primitive, the error still occurs.

What I find most baffling/frustrating is that the earlier version handles it so easily, plowing through the apparent error without a hitch. However, that earlier version can't render torus objects in POV-Ray, which I use in inlined code for these unofficial elements.

What's causing this error? Is there a way to correct it?
See that wasn't so hard Wink

However... What OS, what version LPub, what version LDView?

Now that you mention it, my LDview is sorely out of date, version 3.0. I haven't updated it because honestly I seldom use it. I do all of my part authoring in Excel, Notepad, and L3Lab, and all of my MOCing in LEdit.

Old school, I know, but for the most part they've served me well.

And I'm on Windows Vista and running LPub
Dave Schuler! Wrote:Now that you mention it, my LDview is sorely out of date, version 3.0.

To take a stab in the dark... that's probably your problem.
You know, that seems to have cleared it up. That'll teach me not to cling to the past.

Next question:
LPub's primary value to me has always been its ability to generate POV-Ray images of the individual parts used in a model, each with the same orientation and camera angle. Does the current version of LPub offer this? I've been thumbing through the documentation and can't seem to find it.

Thanks for surmounting the "insurmountable" error, though!
I don't think it can any more. Most people had moved to LDView as a renderer and the difficult to write POV export may have been dumped along the way. Thanks to Travis' excellent work you can get pretty damn accurate results out of LDView though, so that they look similar to POVray. Fiddle around with its myriad settings.

New LDView also exports to POVray (File->Export) so maybe that would do what you want... although probably not.

I'm liking this new paired LPub/LDView incarnation quite a bit and will make extensive use of it, but I'm sorry to see the loss of the part-by-part renderings of the BOM.

Happily, I've discovered a serviceable though slightly clumsy workaround; I can use the settings exported to POV-Ray to do manual renderings of the elements that have been giving me trouble. Specifically, it seems that the older version of LPub doesn't handle the POV-Ray torus object and instead simply omits it. As a result, all kinds of elements show up with odd gaps and openings.

Took me a while to realize what was going on, but now that I know what's up I can work around it.

I've learned quite a bit through this discussion and the experimentations that it's inspired. Thanks for the info!
Just to mention here: for me, LDView's File->Export POVRay support is simply awesome,
and one of my most used features of LDView.