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Full Version: Call for votes: Leading or trailing white space characters in file names
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Please vote on the proposal below. Please modify the Subject to include your name and vote, in addition to giving your vote in the text.

Update the LDraw.org File Format Version 1.0.0 in the following way:


' Wrote:Every line of the file contains one command. With few exceptions, every command is independent of other lines. The exceptions are the BFC meta-commands which modify the behaviour of one or more following command lines. There is no line length restriction. The whitespace characters allowed for keyword and parameter separation include spaces and tabs. Every command starts with a number, called a line type. The function and format of the line is determined by the line type.


' Wrote:Basic parsing / file content

An LDraw file consists of one command per line. There is no line length restriction. Each command consists of optional leading whitespace followed by whitespace-delimited tokens. Some commands also have trailing arbitrary data which may itself include internal whitespace; such data is not tokenized, but treated as single unit according to the command.

Whitespace is defined as one or more spaces (#32), tabs (#9), or combination thereof.

Lines may also be empty or consist only of whitespace. Such lines have no effect.

If a line is non-empty, the first token must be an integer from the list of valid Line Type numbers. This number dictates further parsing of tokens for that line. The parsing rules per linetype follow below.


' Wrote:<file> is the filename of the sub-file referenced and must be a valid LDraw filename.


' Wrote:<file> is the filename of the sub-file referenced and must be a valid LDraw filename. Any leading and/or trailing whitespace must be ignored. Normal token separation is otherwise disabled for the filename value.
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