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Full Version: Fabuland people
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About two years ago I started to create LDraw parts for Fabuland heads. This quest has come to an end, and to celebrate this I have created posters with all Fabuland people together:
[Image: all_fabuland-t.jpg]
[Image: family_portrait-t.jpg]
LDraw files for these images are available in my Brickshelf folder
For the record, the heads were scanned using my 3D laser scanner...
Special thanks to all people who helped me, lending me Fabuland figures, providing photos and assembling shortcuts!
That's utterly amazing. Try that in LDD!

Congratulations, Philo, on your hard work. You part authors never cease to impress me.

Truly amazing indeed! Love it.

You crazy man! Love it.

Hey Philo,

this is really impressive! Congratulations Philo. Great respect and thanks a lot!

Great Job !!!!!
Absolutely FABUlous.