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Full Version: Unofficial files in the OMR
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I'd like to discuss this:


Should we change in http://www.ldraw.org/Article593.html:

Quote:Unofficial parts are allowed to be used. The filename of the unofficial part is subject to the naming rules above (e.g. 33056.dat would be renamed to <MPD Filename> - 33956.dat).


Quote:Unofficial parts are allowed to be used. The filename of the unofficial part is subject to the following naming rules:

<Set Number> - <Unofficial Part Number>.dat

<Set Number> is the the number printed on the model's container.
<Unofficial Part Number> is the unofficial part number assigned in that very moment

(e.g. 33956.dat would be renamed to <Set Number> - 33956.dat).

The only concern I have is the fact that it makes existing OMR-compliant files no longer compliant. I agree that it is a better way to name the parts.
You might want to check your example Wink (33956 vs 33056)


Oh crap. Reply in LSC. Sorry!

Fixed. Thanks for reporting.

So far I've got only a handful of OMR sets with unofficials I ship with the AIOI, which can be corrected in the wink of an eye if we change the specs now.

Isn't it easier and more (and fully backwards compatible) to add the notion: the last ' - ' is to be used for splitting etc?
It is clear what <Set Number> stands for but <MPD Filename> could also be: 4896 - Roaring Roadsters - Roadster.mpd

and then we are going to have: 4896 - Roaring Roadsters - Roadster - 33956.dat


I feel your proposed change makes sense. I don't understand Roland's question, though.
I thought the problem was an extra ' - ' in file names which leads to wrong deconstruction later on. You could avoid such problems by stating to only use the first / last ' - ' while splitting.

But like the referenced thread points out you need to split three things making things more difficult.

So if we keep the "setnr - name - unoff" format we should prohibit the use of ' - ' (or just '-'?) in the subnames.

f we keep only "setnr - unoff" prohibiting it in the setnr only should be enough for splitting.
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