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Full Version: Black Falcons Armory Reboot?
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Greetings everyone,

I am the creator of the "Black Falcon Armory", a set of mock-up parts based upon modern military small arms and gear.

[Image: weapondisplay.png][Image: bfanewguns800600.png][Image: allfirearms.png][Image: armory.png]

These were made about six years ago, they are crude but somewhat cool looking; and I had received some emails asked whether those are real parts.

And recently, my interests on LDraw had made a return, and I am thinking to remake those guns at a much higher quality, akin to those real-life custom made counterparts, do you think this is a good idea?

(i.e.:Most of the guns are still available here)
this reminds me of http://brickarms.com
I think that's very cool.

Not my cup of tea but for some they'll be great additions to the LDraw file format.

Note that, like BBB wheels, they can't form part of the official library, but the format is free to use and the closer you make them to official parts they better they'll be Smile

This is awesome. Now only if we could get the custom parts makers to share their cad files...
In fact, back at that time, I was just piecing primitives together with MLCAD. Is there any better ways in making parts?
just for completeness