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Full Version: Old Blue Patterns
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I've gotten into thinking that the old blue patterns may be better represented with color 272 Dark_Blue, rater than the normally used color 1 Blue, which IMO is way too bright. See attached mpd for comparasing and tell me what you think.
I don't have these parts so my advice is to be taken with a grain of salt, but from Peeron's photos I'd say regular blue is fine.
Could of course be my screen, but the blue printings those Peeron photos also seem too bright, comapared to my old parts with blue print. I tried to make a photo with a blue part besides a couple of patterned parts, but it turned out as if the printing is just briefly darker, and without that very subtle touch of violettish. Very hard to catch on a cheap camera, it seems. Or could it be my eyes being tricked somehow?
[Image: PICT1620.JPG]