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Full Version: Patterns and color 16
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Just wanting to add some stuff to this discussion:
I'd like to see clarified the status of color 16 for sticker bounding box. This idea (originally proposed by JC Tchang) has already been discussed here and there, but no clear decision has been made. Point is, using color 16 brings more flexibility for stickers, as they allow user to choose
- color of sticker dominant border color (as suggested today in spec),
- color of the underlying brick (useful to make borders disappear if sticker has several colors on border,
- or even... for purists, white to show the paper white border!
I might have missed this discussion but why 16 for transparent part of stickers? Why not 31 (Trans-White)?
#31 is not really transparent in means it will become light red when the sticker is on a red brick.

edit: i just realize in most renderers it actually would turn up light red because of alpha blending. So maybe this is an option after all.
I guess you mean color 47? (31 is lavender). The problem is - as suggested by Roland - that because of alpha blending the brick color gets washed out, while physical trans stickers doesn't modify brick color.
Any LDLite color from 0x7000000 to 0x7FFFFFF is invisible, and would do what you suggest. If someone using a sticker with a color 16 background uses color 0x7000000 as the color for the sticker itself, the background will disappear in renderers that support those color codes (like LDView and probably L3P/L3Lab).
I support the color 16 suggestion, because it leaves the choice to the user.
----> Flexibility.

I think it would be better to recommend using 47 when including the sticker in the model, and make the background in the actual part 16.
Yes 47. I added 16 not 32. Doh!
ugh, I am just finding this separate thread


which currently seems to go the opposite direction - which I do not like very much :-|

I would definetely prefer to use color 16, even for non-transparent stickers.

This lets the choice to the user and is the most versatile approach.

I cannot see the benefit of hard-coding all colors.
You could make a subfile with 16 and (maybe hide it in a special stickers subdir) and then import that into the real sticker file with trans-white. Then you've got an option to substitute the 16 file for the real one for better rendering if needed. The actual substitution could possibly be handled by software as an option in the renderer, or by the user if they have old software.

Having a real sticker file with trans-white could be handy for LPUB (or other) inventories.
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