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Full Version: 9 Volt track setup.
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Hello all, I am working on a complete layout within Ldraw. I have design a train and crossing so far. My biggest issue is that I can not create a full loop. I have spent nurmrous hours trying to connect it but I am always short. I have my rotation set to .1 in corse edit mode. The current file I have above is as close I have gotten the parts together. If anyone has info or even tricks on how to connect tracks together it would be greatly appreciated. I am hoping to add a complete mini city to this as well.

thanks to all,

Mike M
I think normally people lay out LDraw train tracks using some kind of track desinger program, like BlueBrick.
Thank you for the info. I was able to build the track design I wanted, but I was unable to import the complete track because I had used switches. Can you tell where exactly the unoffical parts file is, so I may install it and complete the design?
All of our unofficial files are located on theLDraw.org Parts Tracker
I've never used BlueBrick, so I have no idea what (if anything) needs to be done to get it to support switches. However, the left and right point LDraw parts are on the parts tracker:


If you download the above files into <LDraw Dir>\Unofficial\Parts, then open them in LDView, LDView will automatically download all the necessary supporting unofficial files.
BlueBrick sports its own "Parts Tracker" where you can get XML files containing info about
train parts and how they interconnect etc.
Those even reference unofficial files on the PT, which is good because you can already play with the files,
but which is also bad if files this way become "semi-official".
This is one reason why I was putting so much energy in finally getting the 12V train files official for a first iteration.

Maybe you need to update these XML files to solve your problem?
Note that I'm currently in contact with the author of BlueBrick because his XML files
will need an update once we officially release the 12V files.
If you've got trouble with the tool I suggest that you get in contact with Alban as well.

Okay, thank you guys. I have been using Ldraw for a bout 3 years and now I am expanding in doing more bigger designs. This has a been a huge help in creating my designs. I hope that I can take this current project and make it real one day. Thank you guys again.