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Full Version: Description line for Physical Colour Part files
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The current convention for titling Physical Colour files is to append the colour name to base part's description. However, I have not been very consistent in enforcing one colour naming dialect, some of which have changed over time. Also the length limitation often requires some contraction of the base part description or the colour name which adds to the confusion:
9359   = "_Brick  1 x  6 w/out Centre Studs with "TAXI" Pat. Trans Green"
3067p11 = "Brick  1 x  6 w/out Centre Studs w/ White Sans-serif "TAXI" Pat."

Would it help to define some syntax to show the colour code, which would at most require six characters e.g.
4211814 = "_Hinge Plate  1 x  2 Locking with 1 Finger On Side Vertical [71]"
or codify the colour some other way within the header syntax?
I'd be happy with the compact and unambiguous color code in part description. Maybe use the color name as keyword?
agreeing. sometimes the current color names can get very long.
the color code is shorter and unambiguous,
and a scene author anyway uses them everyday.