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Full Version: quick shoulder/hip accessory origins question
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Noticed a comment on 61190b (clone trooper pauldron) that the origin should be at the 'shoulders'.
How about 61190c (clone trooper tasset) should the origin be a the top of the hips, in lieu of the top of the part?
Off hand, I don't know of any other accessories for between the hips and torso to check for comparison.
I wanted to check before I uploaded corrections so far (including the !HELP - top plastic is only 1 LDU thick - DOH! >_<).
I have no definitive answer for the tasset... (I know no similar part). My personnal preference would be at hips level as it simplifies minifig building, but I won't make it a strong case.
Having thought about it - if neck pieces are at the shoulders, then this should be at the hips for consistency.
Will upload the current round of fixes tonight.
Thanks to Philo, MagFors & Steffen for taking the time to review and putting up with my being stubborn about those subparts.

A note on those pesky fillets - When I modeled this, I tried using a combination of the 90 deg. cylinder and a little more, but it didn't look right. Also, just the 90 degree corners would have made the cutout edges straight, and didn't match the flare at the sides.