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Full Version: 99301 33 3x3 Double Concave
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I found that this part is missing.

Is there anybody who schedule to make this as soon as possible?

Oh oh oh! I call this one, coming right up.
Here it is!
[Image: 99301.png]

Now I have a question to seasoned part authors... When building the V-cut tubes below, it seemed to me that I needed inexisting primitives, the complementary of 1-8cyls(2) in 1-4cyls(2). I managed to create that using overlapped 1-4cyls and cyls2... could I have done better or do we really need new primitives?
Awww mannn, I was almost done with it Sad I was just calculating the slope of the under tube closest to the stud.

I did come across something interesting while making it though...
Awefully sorry! I won't object if you submit a better version than mine!
Well, I'm honestly not sure that a better version is possible given the available primitives.

I was just using normal quads/condlines to connect the tube to the slope to avoid the overlap, but I think your solution is better.
Thanks alot ^o^