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Full Version: Storm Trooper Base 1st Floor
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I am currently starting my first MOC, which is basically my first project. I will add additional levels, i just want to know if there are things to change before i get everything set
Looks nice so far.

Your heights in the back are a little off though:
[Image: WYDef.png]
Some bricks overlap, and your bottom bricks are inside your baseplate.
will do, also, anyone has tips for making stairs? I want them to be minifig scale, and not bump their heads on the cieling xD

and thanks for the tips
Just as you normally would with real bricks.

Or use 30134 if you're a cheater.

I must admit though, I was somewhat impressed by the escalator in the grand emporium (see page 41 of this pdf).
inside the LEGO pet shop, there's a nice technique


Did I say that I got this for Christmas...? :-))))))))))))
I believe that there is a spiral staircase piece in the program, but that does look great