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Full Version: Lego animation done in Blender with Ldraw parts.
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Quite impressive. I really like the part where the minifig used "fingers" on his hand. I'm used to seeing them curl in their "thumb" bit in and point as seen in official lego videos, but this is something new as far as I know. Nice job on the mouth animations too, and the foot stomping was pretty cool. The storm trooper choir was pretty funny too. It must have been a pain to rig all those minifigs.

I can't say I know what the theme is getting at, but well done all around.
No theme really. It's just supposed to be random and funny. The most difficult part was re-modelling the LDraw parts to work with the rigging. The poly's on the parts may be accurate in dimensions but they are nasty for animating, so all the limbs had to be redone, but the originals where helpful. Had to make my own stormtrooper helmets too since the parts weren't available at the time.
Sorry that my comment comes so late, but my excuse is that 3 months ago I wasnt on this forum yet Wink

It is amazing! How much time did you spend on it? You must be some real pro in Blender, aren't you...