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Full Version: LDConfig.ldr updated to version 2012-01-06
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The LDraw colour configuration file (LDConfig.ldr) has been updated to include three new colours Medium_Azure (322), Medium_Lavender (30), and Olive_Green (326). Additionally a new internal colour (493) for Magnet materials has been introduced.

The new file is immediately available for download from the Core Files and Libraries download page and will also be incorporated into the next official Parts Update.

The LDraw.org colour chart has been updated.

Many thanks to Scott Wardlaw for managing this.
Black + red ~ Medium Azure
Brown + red ~ Olive Green
Yellow + pink ~ Magnet materials
That makes perfect sense.
Alright funny guy...I have to work with a Color ID system that's already messed up. Those numbers were chosen, because they are the same that The LEGO Company uses.