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Full Version: Owner LDraw Facebook page
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Hi all,

Who is the owner of the LDraw pages and group on Facebook?

This one is is Tim Gould's, I see?

I see Tim Courtney made this one

Shouldn't "we" put some effort in social media?
I think announcements like a new version of MLCad or Part release should be mentioned here?

Hi Jaco,

Neither mine nor Tim's should be used anymore. I even suggest on the wall of 'LDraw users' that people should migrate to 'LDraw.org'.

When I started mine I didn't want to use anything official as I wasn't in the SteerCo at the time. I also started the flickr group at the same time.
OK, then that one remains the only and official Facebook page for LDraw.
Who owns it? Tim Courtney?
It's me. I have been doing announcements fairly regularly but the holidays got in the way the last few weeks.
OK, Orion.
Is it possible to asign more people to a page as admin, moderator or something?
I'd volunteer to do so if you like.
Or can anyone post to it?
Sure I can add you. Done! Note that only admins can add posts to the wall (anyone can reply). I did that deliberately since the Facebook page is meant to be a mouthpiece for the main site. General discussion should happen here on the forums.