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Full Version: [Sticky] LEGO Color Overview / Comparison / Charts
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I would like to stick this post here
so we can start a collection of LEGO color comparison charts here.

There's frequently confusion about slight variations of the color codes,
and sometimes it is good to have different sources.

If you know a good comparison chart, preferably including part photos for examples,
reply to this message.

(Please put a clear, meaningful title to your post, to make it show up usefully in this list of posts.)
Bricklink Color Table:

Bricklink Color Table with Parts Examples:

edit: that site seems to be down now as of 2018
http://www.ldraw.org/Article547.html now updated by regeneration from current (2011-06-03) LDConfig.ldr
This is not a table of LEGO colors, but I found reading it quite insightful and entertaining

and I found myself laughing out loudly at Niels' page on which he let me know
that he has a problem with "dating models" hahahaha
Steffen Wrote:and I found myself laughing out loudly at Niels' page on which he let me know
that he has a problem with "dating models" hahahaha

Haha. Yes I think that problem is common to most AFOLs, and most non-AFOLs too.
Probably no longer up to date and not sure which naming scheme he's using but I've always liked Henry Lims picture of a stack of 2x4's in every colour he could get his hands on:
Looks like it moved to Article #547, Colour Definitions
yes, thank you, I updated the post
Color Table ("The Big List"):


Flickr Gallery with color comparisons, details etc.:

Dr. Christoph Bartneck is an associate professor at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. He worked for the LEGO Group in Billund in the 90s, which reignited his passion for LEGO. Since then, he worked in the USA, Netherlands, Japan and now in New Zealand as a researcher and designer. His research focuses on anthropomorphism in robots and figures and his research has been published in acknowledge scientific journals and books.

Here is his LEGO colors website: "The curious case of LEGO colors"

And here is his book about LEGO colors on amazon:
(careful, the reviews indicate many typos and layout errors in the book, and a low quality printing...)
that thread has been relocated to


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