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Full Version: peeron.com - status?
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I would like to ask here if someone knows more about the status of peeron.com.
What was the last parts update integrated there?
Does anyone happen to know who will push the recent one to their site?

I see changes happen on their site everytime, e.g.
, but no integration of parts updates I can see so far.

For example, look at the famous 7740 train inventory:
where I would hope that the MOVED-TO parts automatically get updated
when integrating a new parts release.
Is any information available here?

Who will integrate our latest release with their parts?
Who is/are the Admin(s) of the site?
any information, anybody?
which parts update is incorporated there?
Dan Boger is the one that runs the site. While they do donate web space to us, LDraw.org is run independently of Peeron
peeron.com seems to be dying off, or? look here:

hmm. the peeron inventories and instruction scans now seem to have come to a full halt I think Sad((