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Full Version: LDraw.org 2024-01 Parts Update Now Available
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The 2024-01 LDraw Parts Update has been released. This update adds 160 new files to the core library, including 100 new parts and 10 new primitives.

Thanks are due to all the part authors who created or corrected parts for this release. The small, but dedicated, band of reviewers also play an important role in keeping files moving through the Parts Tracker and deserve just as much credit. This update wouldn't have been possible without their dedication and attention to detail.

You can preview the new parts in 2024-01 here, and download the zip-file update or Windows install package here.

Thank you to all the beta testers and parts authors who continue feedback for the new PT software. This project would not be what it is without your help.

Orion Pobursky
LDraw.org Parts Library Admin
Thanks to all part authors, reviewers and hardworking members of the LDraw team!
thanks very much; the main page needs updating, it still names 2023-xx as the latest update
(2024-02-15, 18:37)Steffen Wrote: [ -> ]thanks very much; the main page needs updating, it still names 2023-xx as the latest update

Rats. I thought I updated that. Thanks for the report.
Thanks a lot for this update of the parts library!

I updated my graph that I posted in the last parts update thread with the numbers for the 2024-01 release and things look much better now. After removing all the parts not covered by CC-BY-4.0 a whopping 72.30% of parts remain (up from 48.8% with the last release). Since this looks much better I now considered the top 1000 pieces instead of just the top 100. The graph looks very similar:

[Image: WTr5.png]

The top 20 remaining blockers (those who, if fixed, enable the most parts -- that's the number in brackets) are:

top removal reasons:
  p/npeghol7.dat    508
  p/npeghol7a.dat  389
  p/4-4rin11.dat    359
  parts/s/3068bs01.dat 249
  p/4-4rin12.dat    207
  parts/s/3626bs02.dat 190
  p/1-8rin19.dat    139
  parts/s/3005s01.dat 137
  p/npeghole.dat    135
  p/4-4rin16.dat    132
  p/4-4rin13.dat    132
  p/1-8rin18.dat    123
  p/npeghol4.dat    115
  p/4-4rin14.dat    115
  parts/s/3010s01.dat 114
  p/4-4rin18.dat    109
  p/4-4rin17.dat    104
  p/4-4rin19.dat    83
  parts/s/3039s01.dat 79
  p/1-4con10.dat    77

Thanks a lot for all your work!