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Full Version: *feature request* User script to auto-update the part appearence when the file code is altered
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Rescently I have been getting to grips with bricksmith/LDraw, but when making a part using the script window I have to save the file then load it in the viewer window so I can see what it looks like as an image. I , and maybe others would like to have some way of automatically altering the graphical presence of the part whenever the script of the file of the part is lt alterred, note that this means having both a script window open and LDraw.

This an be done by having a shell command that enables LDraw to alter the grapic when a change in the script is returned to LDraw.

This means we would not have to keep saving the code and reopening the file in LDraw.
Either a regular text window program such as terminal or noteapad could work or a tool built into LDraw could also work, not sure which one is best.
Kris Finney Wrote:This an be done by having a shell command that enables LDraw to alter the grapic when a change in the script is returned to LDraw.
To do it properly would require hooking into filesystem events, which is no simple shell script, and is not portable across different systems.

What you're trying to do can be accomplished with LDView, simply set "Polling" to "Auto-update immediately" and then open the LDraw file in your favorite (possibly text/possibly LDraw-specific) editor. Then simply have the LDView window visible on your screen at the same time as your editor, and whenever you save the file in your editor it will automagically be re-rendered in LDView, no manual reloading necessary.

Thanks for the info it works great.
Glad I could help.

I wish Bricksmith would let you turn one of the viewing panes into a text editor to edit the file directly, it's much faster to add lines types 2 3 4 and 5 by typing them (at least for me) than with the "Insert Primitive" thing.

I imagine it would look something like:
[Image: ViasQ.png]
One thing I do want, it is verbose levels for the code files, but thats for another thread

This means if it is set to level 4 any subfile or sub sub file ,etc code is loaded into that file , which saves having to open the subfiles manually.

If it is set to level 1 then it will be easier for follow by other scripters by making intagers , level 2 is default how the file is shown, evel 3 only shows sub parts, level 4 shows all sub parts and sub sub parts, etc