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Full Version: Bold "New Posts" flag
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I am referring to the little
(1 new)
that shows up on the front page when there are unread messages.

I would prefer if that text were bold, like so:
(1 new)

because then it would stand out more when quickly scrolling the page as well as not require me to zoom in on my phone to just quickly check if there is anything new.

That text is in a span with class "new-flag" and just adding
font-weight: bold;
to the css would be great.

Having the text slightly larger would do the trick too, but I think it would look somewhat odd.
Done!. I usually just use the recent messages page since the reg flags show up well.
Thanks for changing it.

And thanks for reminding me to use "recent messages" to check for recent messages, apparently I'm stupid or something. Updating my bookmark now.