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Full Version: Part Request: 82445pb01 foal/baby horse
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Hi, I would like to request a part-the foal/baby horse '82445pb01'. This is from the collectable minifigure series 22 'Horse and Groom' set. I believe there is a very similar one ('82445pb02') in the Lego City 2022 advent calendar (60352-23) in a different colour variant.

I have added several pictures below. I hope I have done this correctly (this is my first time posting). I just started using the fantastic Bricklink Studio and it's really nice to see an open source community working together to create something fun! Big Grin I appreciate all the hard work! Heart

Please can someone model this super cute baby horse so I can use it in MOCs?


With plan and elevation:

With full scale horse from the back:

With CMF with short legs:

Similar 82445pb02 colour variant: