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Full Version: New parts from set 60372
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I noticed that there is a new 3x3 corner plate in this set, but it is square
Also there is a new 6L threaded pole which can accept a 2L in order to join several of them together.
And of course, ther eis a brick which can slide along the threaded pole.

I don't have part ID's yet because its part inventory is not on brickset, I'lll keep trying in the meantime.

So basically the corner plate should be easy to make because its just a 3x3 version of part 2420.
This video does show the parts in a speed build and the axle hole for the threaded pole is just 1L.


edit: Oh wow I just noiced 2 new base plate types!!, these are basically like parts:
15623, 15624, and 18922 except they are fully studded and don't have the overhang.
and parts 71772 and 69958 are like fully smooth versions of 18922 and 15624 respectivley

In the below I made replicas of the 2 new baseplate types and also compared them to the other baseplates:

[Image: IMG1.png]

Hope this helps, Snipe