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Full Version: Get flex out there
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Some examples attached (one digit, two digit and non-integer).

I can change the naming/labelling/whatever system very quickly so suggestions are more than welcome.

I had thought that there were non-integers out there but BL says no. We may as well come up with a naming standard for them anyway while we're at it.

Steffen Wrote:I agree with you that we should get the hoses out.
However, this specific file is not needed to do that.
Both its number (75-1.dat) and contents (1 LDU long hose) make no sense.
Instead, simply the subparts s01 and s02 are sufficient
to create hoses of different length.

Regarding the "Mid" element of these, that is similar to a cyli primitive.
So it should be placed and scaled like that, even independently
from the discussion whether or not to add other LSYNTH parts
to the library.
So that file should be placed as follows: origin at top,
extending down 1 LDU vertically.
This will allow using that file like a cyli primitive.

When at a later point a decision about LSYNTH may be done,
that file will fit well, as that positioning following
our usual primitives orientation and placement
will also match LSYNTH fine.

So here are the steps we should take to get the hoses out:
(a) delete this file
(b) check that the middle section subfile matches the above
origin placement and orientation
© check that the end subfile has its origin also properly placed
(d) certify :-))))

I've copied this from the PT as I agree.

But I'll add:

(e) Make the 3L part and check name (as discussed here), origin etc.
(f) Certify
(g) Put remaining lengths on PT from auto-generator
(h) Certify quickly
I think we can handle this just like the flex cables:
76.dat - hose end
77.dat - hose segment
75.dat (design ID 76279) made from two 76.dat and a scaled 77.dat
I agree but I also think that the various fixed lengths should also be parts in the library.
5L = 76307, 6L = 76279, 7L = 76289, ...
Great, exactly.
very nice!
the solution is very good now on the PT!
Is there a system to these names?
Only the LEGO company system of Design IDs.
Ahhhh... with all the sense that entails.

Do you know more than these 3?

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