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Full Version: Part 45677 and 52031
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I've found the descriptions of these two parts 45677 and 52031 are inconsistent, while creating sticker shortcuts.
45677 Wedge  4 x  4 x  0.667 Curved
52031 Slope Brick 45  4 x  6 x  0.667 Double Curved

The top curvature and side tapers are exactly the same between the two, but only the width differs (4 stud wide vs 6 stud wide).
According to the file history, Chris made the change of description of 52031 in 2019 and not for 45677.
I think this change would be reasonable:
45677 Slope Brick 45  4 x  4 x  0.667 Double Curved

Moreover, as both of these parts have some substandard (lots of T-junctions, invalid condlines and upper-case references), they need to be reworked in near future. (including splitting top printable surfaces)