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Full Version: [Request] Part 80677 - LEGO Microgame .dat .obj or .fbx file
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Hello everyone Rui Miguel here, I'm desperately looking for the part 80677 - Tile, Round 2 x 2 Splat with Side Extensions.

It's nowhere in the libraries here on Ldraw not even in the Mecabricks or Studio. I was wondering if anyone was working on it. 

I read in a different thread that this part is located in the Unity LEGO Microgame library. On Eurobricks I read a thread that it is possible to extract the .fbx file of any part from the unity game and then open it in Blender. Get a part from the LEGO Unity microgame into LDD

Is there anyone with this Unity game that can locate and extract this part file and send me? 

Thanks Smile
Here is the raw file...
(2022-11-20, 14:07)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: [ -> ]Here is the raw file...

Thank you so much! This is exactly what I need for my project! Thank you again! @Philippe Hurbain Cheers