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Full Version: Question about a comment in the Parts Tracker
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since I'm not a parts reviewer and I don't know how to reply to a comment in the parts tracker where I'm not the parts author, I'm asking my question this way

Holly-Wood has put his veto on hold with the following comment.


"This is not a part but a short-cut. However it is actually a physical colour part - something we don't want. Should be deleted."

I do not understand the comment. The rim can have different colours, here (p02) currently only one. But the tire has the colours black (p01) and bright green (p02).
When using this part, I can only pass the colour of the rim. But what if I want a bright green tyre?
The colour of the rim is currently black or transparent for a black tyre.Currently with a bright green tyre also bright green rim.

I agree with the first part of the comment, but there are other parts in the library where this classification is not correct, in my opinion.


I already started a discussion thread here: