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Full Version: Technic 2002
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Open thread for Lego Technic of 2002
8461 - WilliamsF1 Team Racer


OMR: not checked (sorry)
Missing parts: no stickers
Known issiues: the same on these thread

Note: the Official Lego web list this set on the Speed Champions Theme
It seems that the tyreprints with the "Michelin" are missing, should I scan my Tyres? (I have that set, but the stickers are off)

There is a hi-res scan of the sticker sheet at peeron: http://www.peeron.com/scans/8461-1/129

aside from that, nice set (the base is identical to the Silver Champion 8458, just some other panels and colours)

Scanned and attached the scan (of all 4 tyres, some are slightly scratched).
Also found some digital logos with a better resolution which could help.