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Full Version: For the advanced part author: Friends mini-doll
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[Image: 6538934801_b105d63d50_m.jpg]
LEGO Friends vs. Minifigs by Dunechaser, on Flickr

The new mini-dolls are going to be fun.
But... but... What about Belleville?
[Image: belvFem15.jpg?0]

and... and... Galidor!!
[Image: K8310-1.jpg?0]

When are you guys gonna make those parts???

OK, yeah, I'm kidding. I'M KIDDING. Please do not prioritize them. At all. As a matter of fact, they should probably be banned from the PT, for good measure.
Jude Wrote:But... but... What about Belleville?
and... and... Galidor!!

OK, yeah, I'm kidding. I'M KIDDING. Please do not prioritize them. At all.

Absolutely right. You should consider anathema any effort which might distract from the vital task of modeling the saintly visage of Jack Stone!!!

[Image: 3901.jpg?0]
Hey, don't forget the Duplo people too!
I guess I qualify as an "advanced part author"... at least I have a 3D scanner Wink

[Image: 92198c01.png]
Did not expect to see them modeled this fast (considering the history with the technic figure).

I still need to get used to them though, it's like they're minfigs from a parallel universe or something Smile
Brilliant. Thanks.

More like "cheating" with a 3D scanner. Just kidding. Totally awesome as always.
Wondering about experiences with 3D-scanning systems ! Spent hours of browsing the net, found only two products of interest: DAVID and NextEngine.
There are also a few solutions using photos taken from different angles (eg. http://www.123dapp.com/catch), but I was unsuccessfull so far using that on LEGO parts