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I read some texts about licenses of using LDraw, but I apreciate any help if I am wrong. I made a simple game with Ldraw models - am I free to "make it online"? *

* Making it online: it would be public Stackblitz project, with url to play online and also source code on GitHub - hence not typical "www.mygame.com".

I found this:

1. https://www.ldraw.org/legal-info

Quote:You are free:

to copy - distribute, display, and use the CA approved LDraw Parts Library
to make derivative works

I made MOC's, but also build few incomplete original Lego models, for example only jeep from 6677 model - what about this?

I made game sprites(?) - simple screen from LDCad, like this:
[Image: player.png]

The game includes 3D models rendered with Three.js (LDrawLoader for Three.js). It was created for my nephews and exists only locally on my pc.
The entire library is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license. If you have question about what is required of that license please read this:
Note that this only applies to modification to the actual files contained within the library or redistributing said files.

As for MOCs, those are your own works and can be license however you wnat.

Official models, in whole or in part, are LEGOs IP. It's up to them on whether or not you are infringing on their IP.